Tuesday, March 10, 2009

top digital sellers of 2008

OK, so why is this 3 months late? Well, digital services seemd to be about 2 months behind, then IODA takes a month and here we are in MArch getting December sales reports.

Still. Some interesting stuff - in 2008 we sold 676 digital albums, or about 48% of album sales (tomorrow I will work out track sales and album-equivilant sales). That's up from I think about 35% last year. I fully expect 2009 to be over 50% digital album sales. One main factor is that this year I am less likely to release a CD than just to pop up an album.

Here are the top 11 - all sold double digits :-)
1 - Smile DK - Party Around the World
2. Matinee Club (R.I.P.) - The Modern LP
3. Melody & Mezzo - Nightshade
4. Melody & Mezzo - I Wanna Be Your Star
5. Spray - Children of a Laser God
6. Heaven 17 - Hands Up To Heaven - The Qubiq Mixes
7. Spray - Living In Neon
8. Heaven 17 - Hands Up To Heaven - The DJ Mixes
9. Various - Electricity III
10. Spray - I Am Gothic Remix EP
11. Empire State Human - Rarity?

#6 seems odd, but most services have it as "album only" so you have to buy both songs to get it, hence all sales are "album sales. "

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