Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Modern - Life in a Modern World

ohmyGod! I just got this in from the band and I am so psyched! The amount of stuff here is great, this should be getting up online by the end of the month. The extra songs are great! - "Fool in the Name of Love" should be a single!
Wow, so impressed.
life in a modern world

Track Listing for Album
1. Industry
2. Jane Falls Down
3. Questions
4. Modern Love
5. Seven Oceans
6. Closing Door
7. Model 426
8. Sometimes
9. Discotheque Francais
10. Suburban Culture
11. Goodbye Means Forever
12. Nothing Special

Track Listing for Bonus Tracks Disc
1. Jane Falls Down (Extended Mix)
2. Industry (Extended Mix)
3. Suburban Culture (Arts & Crafts Mix)
4. Sometimes (Lawgiverz Mix)
5. Discotheque Francais (Spektrum 12” Mix)
6. Tokyo Girls (Eastern Promises Mix)
7. Teenage Drag
8. Travelodge
9. Tokyo Girls
10. Fool In The Name Of Love
11. Photographs Of You


Daft Monk said...

While there seems to be a fair amount of overlap from the Modern EP this is still exciting news. Is a CD release in the works?

Peter said...

I am so glad to hear this is coming, despite the overlap with the Matinee Club album. Of course, I would be even happier if they chose to include the extended mix of "Sometimes" (saving it for a single release, perhaps?).

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