Thursday, March 19, 2009

label wrap up news March 19
Check out Myspace to hear TGC's cover of Generations of Love - orignally released by Boy George. There is also a new song "Glory Glory"
TGC explains why they did the song -
Dear friends,
In a surprise move .. to all involved ... we are returning TGC to the studio to record a special cover of "Generations Of Love" by Jesus Loves You, which once we're happy with the mix, we've an agreement in place with 100% Boy to exclusively host the free download/release of it to all fans of Boy George. We're in talks with Stuey (100% Boy) to complete the artwork and also with the proposal of getting a video shot with the help of a true fan of George in the US. We hope that happens, as all promo options are vital these days ...

Aidan & Lar

Very cool song btw- worth checking out, some great guitar work.

The Empire State Human CD is in press, I sent the files to IODA to upload, so look for it in the next week or so on Amazon, iTunes.

I also sent the Gary Flanagan set, so that should start popping up to.

Lastly, I sent out the United Synthpop Artists 2 set as well. This is a fund rasier for people involved at the Church shooting (the one a few months ago, not the most recnet. Jesus, that was a depressing setence to type...) in Knoxville at the Unitarian church. Bobby clark (Synthetik FM) put it together and it really is the cream of the current synthpop scene.
01 - Hand On The Gun - Empire State Human
02 My Hapiness - Synthetik FM
03 - Sometimes - Nukleon
04 - So Sweet The Promise - Seven Words
05 - The Other Side - Wave In Head
06 - Far Beyond The Stars - Ganymede
07 - Out Of Space - I Satellite
08- Patience Waiting - Haberdashery
09 - Days After Night - Davidmahr 1
10 - All Fall Down - Hypersoul
11 - If Not Now When - Color Theory
12 - Lives Balanced On A Grave - Spurious!
13 - Oxygenius - Cosmicity
14 - Summer Tide - Bit Pixel
15 - Despite All Our Worries - Gary Flanagan
15 - Holding On - Tony Reed
17 - Bloom - Eloquent
18- Our Children's Garden- Paris By Air

I iwll let you guys know when it is out. All (and I mean all!) proceeds go to this worthy cause :-)

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