Monday, September 7, 2009

Bronski and the Garland Cult

Still more 10th anni stuff today -
OK, I thought this would be a big hit with folks. Steve Bronski was a name, right? (Bronski Beat anyone?) and the song was very good and Bronski's mix was simply awesome (esp the long mix, you have to that one).
But, eh, not so much. Everyone knows Smalltown boy, not many seem to understand the link to Steve Bronski.
Oh well. The Garland Cult, btw, just email me about a new single in Europe from them:

"Hot off the press .. here's the cover to the next digital single
"Ether" for Electric Fantastic Sound .. this is a synthpop classic!
It will be backed with the electro-pop dance instrumental "Glory,
Glory" .... spread the word please!
Should be available fairly soon ..."

Love the cover and song should be awesome, so stay tuned for that...

Meanwhile a free track, the single mix that Steve Bronski did for them...
'The Garland Cult
"Talking With Aliens" (mp3)
from ""Talking With Aliens" The Steve Bronski Mixes"
(Ninthwave Media)

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