Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just Kait

Flipped past MTV last night and this video caught my eye

Not sure why, but I watched the whole thing. My mind kinda ran this way
"Hmmm, oh boy, another punk princess poser, does no one remmeber Avril anymore? My god this is all so old and tired, oh, she just went into a nice chorus, someone wrote a decent tune... love the synthpop background and the guitar front... almost, but not really , Joan Jett like. Wow, kind like this song. I'd get it for nothing if it were on eMusic I guess."

Well, today I found it on eMusic. The song is like a-ha crossed with I Love Rock n Roll. Very slick. She is 16- ok, where does she come from? the whole set up seems to be independent (2n2 productions) but smells like a major (nice video! and on MTV, how "lucky"!)

anyway, it somehow caught my eye.

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