Friday, September 11, 2009

OMD and Yazoo Tributes back online!

We are glad to tell you that the OMD and Yazoo tributes are now again available digitally thanks to our good buds at Oglio.

Ninthwave partnered with Oglio to release the OMD tribute and then we did the Yazoo tribute ourselves the next year. Both were good sellers ( the OMD CD is our best seller ever btw, mainly because Oglio did a big push and got it into real stores!)but we took them off the digital services because it was a lot of toruble for us to get the songwriting rights. Oglio was nice enough to step in (I think they have a better system for dealing with song copyrights) and popped the titles back up this month.

Messages- A Tribute to OMD

Nobdoy's Diary - A Tribute to Yaz (Yazoo for you yanks!)

PS both are $11.99 at iTunes but only $5.99 and $8.99 at Amazon!!!!!!


anaROBIK said...

" was a lot of trouble for us to get the songwriting rights": I hope that doesn't mean I'll have a hellish time releasing my version of "souvenir"? That would make me sad. :( -ana

Ronald-42 said...

It's the other way around Yaz for the US and Yazoo for the rest of the world.

Ninthwaver said...

oops, oh yeah :-)

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