Wednesday, October 7, 2009

label news

Not much going on as I am busy with lots of work related crap.
Plans of mice and men etc.
Did yo uknow that you can get Cds

(remember those?) from Ninthwave for as little as 3$ each? Yup.
A Different Drum has a whole slew of

CDs for 3$ - including:
Empire State Human "Pop Robot"
Astromill - debut CD -
Alan Replica - Clockwork Juliet (and Simulacra is only $6!)
The Garland Cult - Protect Yourself From Hollywood" (*with bonus remix CD!!!!)
The Peoples - debut -
Space March - WIthout This You Can Never Change
Xero/G - Are You Weightless?

I say it is time to stock up, CDs are still my fave way to listen and KEEP music.


835 said...

WOW! You're really busy!

Ninthwaver said...

wisenhiemer :-)

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