Thursday, October 1, 2009

Time for some mmmm Pop Music

Yes, there is good pop music being made out there aside from whatever monstrosity Black Eyed Peas is being pimped on radio these days

1. These guys are my new faves- I am so enjoying their album (from, ahem, 2007) "High Society." Sorry if the song below is too country, but the album is full of great sounding ELO/Van Morrison/Beach Boys pop...
Silver Seas "Country Life"

Crazy Loop "Ma Ma Ma"
insane Romanian pop fromthe guys who were o-Zone?

Declan and the antics "I Was Made for the Nightlife"

Like the video? How about you get another song for free? :-)

El PErro Del Mar "Give to Get"
In case this blog did not have enough twee...

If you like this song you can pick a great EP from Amazon with it on it, for free!

Music Go Music "Light of Love"
This band has met their "Waterloo" huh? I love this btw

And because I love you guys so free new music from a new World Domination Records set (World Domination has a Shriekback connection, not sure what...)
WDR Club Traxxx, Vol. 1Hyper Force
"Let's Go" (mp3)
from "WDR Club Traxxx, Vol. 1"
(WD Records)

More On This Album

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