Sunday, March 18, 2007


OK, just got word that the art for the Space March, Sonic Hub and the HEaven 17 single are at the pressing plant.Just leaves the Garland Cult art and the Sonic Hub CD Master to get to the pressing plant.

On tap this week- Send package out to Last FM, send package to IODA of the new uploads (SOnic Hub, new Space March, Synthetik FM- H17 and Garland Cult are up).
Send out promos of Before/After to see if I can respark some interest when the single comes out.

Doing something weird with GarlandCult - probably won;t work. The CD will include a CD of remixes from the amazing Qubiq, the guy who is a remix genius. But the remix CD won;t be online (well, through legit channels anyway). Have to see how that works.

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