Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Last night secured the rights to a wonderful song by Messers Dez and Ric- "The Whoa Song." It will be a wonderful way to start the Smash Hits album as itbegins with a faux chart countdown show.

Art for Sonic Hub and Space March got hung up today, but should be fixed by now.

Got 37 copies of Before/After in the mail last night to various dance mags.

Groomed the CDbaby account (I try to keep 5 copies of everything in stock there) - so am shipping out 20 Cds to them this week.

Meanwhile - one of my fave songs ever, from Eight to Infinity:
WXJL Presents Music For The Masses

Download "Say You'll Come (Anywhere)" (mp3)
from "WXJL Presents Music For The Masses"
by Various Artists
Ninthwave Media

More On This Album

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