Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Smash Hits

OK- so trying to throw together a Cd to cash in, as it were, on the fact that Melody and Mezzo have a track on the new Konami DDR set.
Spray got "I Am Gothic" on one of these and that song has been their calling card. they even have a whole page of people on Youtube that have done "tributes" to the song

Anyway- back on track- So I am puttng out a Cd with M&M's song (:nightshade") and two mixes of I Am Gothic plus some new stuff. This 'll be a quick, cheap CD- prob about $6.99 on amazon.
Tracks (order not fixed yet and even these may change)
Sonic Hub fea Martin Fry "New Man" Deeks Dub
Spray - I Am gothic" 2007 new mix and new Astromill mix
Electrlouvs "Blonde" Dolby Mix - not not THAT dolby)
M&M "Nightsahde" Diskowarp single mix
The Garland Cult "All Good Things" People Theatre Mix
H 17 - Hands Up - probably Qubiq's long mix
Figaro - Hand on the Gun- Steve Bronski Long Mix
Thought Criminals - I Want tobe a Celebrity "Mix fea Rachel

I am also trying to get a Daz song- the guy who won the Eurovision contest for the UK ( but then lost it to Finiish Glam Metal)

I am working to get these tracks in today.
Also working on a CDr for Konami of new stuff -

Listening to the new Amy Winehouse Cd now- first time in what seems like years thta I have head an album from the majors that is good from start to finish...

Sales this wek (March 19)- 0

P.S. Just got word that the art for Heaven 17, Space March and Sonic Hub are all ready, so pressing should start this week!

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