Wednesday, March 28, 2007

dog tired

I am wiped out. I have been traveling (day job stuff) not getting much sleep and last night got 5 hours. I know I need to do a bunch of stuff today- put the new releases up on amazon (enter the stuff so they can put it in their database) and track down the Garland Cult artwork (I have copies, hope they are good enough).
I did release the Sonic hub Cd label, we had the wrong info for a track...

Amazon keeps re-ordering "I Am Gothic" from Spray - but the sad truth is this- I have 3 copies left (plus my 5 archive copies). So- wow, huh? Another sell out, 1000 copies! Well, not so fast. In the move three years agao about 400 CDs (in sleeves, I had not put them together yet) got scratched to hell. Crap. So now the CD is selling ok on amazon and I don't-have-any-left.

btw- I keep "telling" Amazon this- you casn list why you are not filling the order and I keep putting "out of print" but they keep trying to get 2 more copies.

Another example of how digital has changed things. If it wasn't up online I would reprint it in a heart beat, but frankly, now, why bother?

So - I need to get some sleep and then back to work...

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