Friday, March 30, 2007

digging out

OK- now that a really jammed packed week is closing I have had time to devote to the label-

1. I updated, put in UPC code and signed off for IODA and the digital side. I also sent them jpegs of the art. I should get an email this weekend or Monday saying I need to give final approval and then IODa will ship stuff to Digital services (meaning iTunes and about 150 other services, few of which have ever sold anything for me honestly)- The three I got done were Sonic Hub, Space March and, (drum roll) a long lost Empire State Human live album (!) that sounds amazing. Aidan Casserely can really sing well live. H17 and Garland Cult are already up.

I did ask today why H17 has not shown up on iTunes even as it sits on EMusic.

I also spoke with Polar BEar pressing. They will get the inserts for Space March, H17 and Sonic hub tday and hopefully ship the finished CDs out a week from Monday, meaning if all goes well I should have them in my hands the following Monday, April 16. April 18 marks the end of another 10 days of travel and day long appointments for me, so I will be wiped out. It'l be nice to see the CDs.

Meanwhile I finally got the promonet to give up the Melody and Mezzo track from the most recent Dance Dance Universe game:

Download "Nightshade Diskowarp" (mp3)
from "Nightshade"
by Melody Mezzo
Ninthwave Media

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