Thursday, October 2, 2008

All Times best sellers on Ninthwave

Bored. Did some Numbers:

best seller on amazon - Living in Neon by Spray (although the various artist set on Cohaggen - Evolution- is sitll the best selling thing we've ever distributed)

Sales since June 2000 (all cds on Ninthwave, plus a few full album downloads) 10,251

Best year - 2006, sold 2,251
Worst year - 2000 (well, it was only 6 months and we only had two cds out )- 239.

Top seller overall - Heaven 17's Before/After, just over 105 of all albums we've ever sold.

Rest of CDs we've released that have sold more than 500 copies (including full album downloads:
In order
Living in Neon
Tribute to Yazoo
Rembering the Future (NASA)
Electricity vol 2
Electricity Vol 1
Pop Robot (Empire State Human)

In terms of downloads, ugh, figures are spread between CDbaby and IODA, but I know we've sold a ton of ESH's version of Halloween.

I am FigaroFigaro
"Cautious" (mp3)
from "I am Figaro"
(Ninthwave Media)

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