Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday wrap up (you betcha!)

Got word late yesterday the good ol UPS will deliver the box of Cds to me Monday. Yeah!

I am using anew service (new to me) Radiotraxx to promote 3 Cds I think deserve more exposure- the I Am Figaro Album, the first Garland Cult album and the recent Space March set. I also happen to have cds of those three releases, hehe.

H17saw a good sized bump for “Don’t Fear the Reaper” sales this past week, going from very little to about $25 a day. Not bad.

The Garland Cult (not ESH!) sent me word of a new Christmas single. I may pop it up on the ninthwave homepage soon (well, after Halloween for God’s sake!)

and here is a track fr your weekend!
I Wanna Be Your StarMelody & Mezzo
"I Wanna Be Your Star" (mp3)
from "I Wanna Be Your Star"
(Ninthwave Media)

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1 comment:

Aidan Casserly said...

Hey Dave,

Good to see so many cool blog entries ... you're a busy bee these days .... just to correct you on one bit of info ... there's no ESH Christmas song single on its way .. that new Christmas song I emailed you about is by The Garland Cult not ESH (my other band) ..

Kind regards and keep up the good work ..


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