Monday, October 27, 2008

Wait, what? Reaper? a Single?

why the hell am I releasing Heaven 17's "Don't Fear The Reaper" as a single? (albeit as a digital single). Well, because, uh, its selling like hotcakes.
On Sept 28 it was on the HBO show True Blood. In a kinda key scene. And I guess people heard it. Here are jst the itune sales for after Sept 28 for Heaven 17 (I assume most are for the song, as it jumped to #2 on the top Heaven 17 songs on iTunes)
the week after Sept 28 (the week runs from Sept 28 to Oct 4 on my report) sales went up over 800% (!!!)
Even though sales went down 56% the next week, that's still a little less than 400% of sales week prior to Sept 28. And the third week out sales were just over 400% up from the week prior to Sept 38. Heck, even for the past week (four weeks out)sales are flat (but that's still up 400% over week week prior to Sept 28).

So I guess at this point there has got to be some word of mouth. So I am hoping by plopping a single out there people will see it faster, get it, etc.


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