Monday, October 27, 2008

oops, forgot about this

So I have been away for a while but am now back. I posted below a short list of stuff I am working on and forgot this:

Synthetic Dance Remixes – Art and track list are tentative

Doki Doki (Radio Edit) 3:06
Four Winds (Electro Mix) 4:05 Space March
Cautious Stvee Olaf Remix _ Figaro 4:31 Figaro
NASA - Back to Square One - m12 San Frandisco Mix 6:19
Blonde [Dolby-Anol Remix] 5:20 The Electroluvs
Nightshade Spray Long Mix 6:25 Melody and Mezzo Ninghtshade
Sometimes Zart 12" emitemos log master1 6:25 Matinee Club Nick Zart
02 - Queen Of Summer 6'44'' (Spray extended) 6:33
nostrangerdancexpose 6:34 Astromill
Run With Us (Melody & Mezzo 12" Remix) 7:00 Spray
Qubiq Mixes - Garland Cult- Style- Qubiq Mix 8:26
Qubiq Mixes - Empire State Human - Dreams in the Mirror Qubiq Mix 9:00
sprayremix2006gothicastromill 9:28 Spray
Garland Cult - All Good Things (Radboy's Club Mix) REMIX BY JEFF LEWIS 10:11
Gonna Make You (mastered Lonely Goatherder) 6:17 Heaven 17
Sonic Hub - New Man (QUBIQ Edit) 4:19
Run Faster (On The Ceiling Mix) 8:56 Emotiquon
Good Thing 5:03 Cotton & Gin

For about the next week you can get a sneek of the Cotton and Gin track here:
feedback welcomed!

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