Tuesday, October 7, 2008

smile.dk cds are here, and selling... that's odd!


OK, just lugged 9 boxes of the new Smile.dk Cds up two flights of stairs. The Cd looks great, the Cd came out with a nice silkscreen on it and the booklet looks first class. Easily the most “commercial” looking Cd we’ve ever been a part of.

Shipped 110 copies to Amazon this morning, most ever for a single release, and this is all pre orders. Wow.

Here’s a sad fact, the smile.dk has already sold more copies than the first Garland Cult Cd, the Astormill CD, the Electroluvs CD, and the Macondo CD. That’s wrong, imho. All four of those albums are great- otherwise I wouldn’t have put them out. But Smile.dk has a fanbase.

It’s really difficult to get people to invest in new music, by artists they don’t know. I know it is for me. I have scoured eMusic, but even then I still have to be told about great new bands (like the Tough Alliance) that I somehow missed. That band is a good example- they have several releases up on eMusic, but I never found them until iTunes gave a song of their away.

Oh well. As long as I can I will continue to release music I like.

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