Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MP3s on Amazon

OK- Found the new re-issue of ESH's "Terra Incognito" EP. It was the first EP they put out on Peoplesound (it was an early MP3.com also ran).
Empire State Human Terra Incognito

I also got a page here that shows you all the Ninthwave Releases on Amazon, some really good prices (well, not for Ninthwave maybe, but for you)
All Ninthwave Releases

I mean, look at some of these: POP Robot for $5.99? Astromill? WXJLs for $4 each? ESH's Liquid blue for $2 and oh, Raindancer's "Sleepless" for $7. Well, Amazon ain't stoopid, "Sleepless" is out of print after all...

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