Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ok. Well, things are never boring around here. Woke up to hear news that the Matinee Club had a new release on itunes. Wow. Well, it isn't really new, it's just the Cd they put out on Planet Clique earlier this year. iTunes has this for under $4 (Amazon, in a rare move, is $5.50!) So here get it at itunes
It's a great song (and you get 5 mixes a nd a "b-side.").

Our "Modern LP" collection will have a band photo from the same session. I think. I have seen the art but do not have a final cover in yet.

the album tracks will rock out a bit more than this single. Kind of weird for us here at Ninthwave, but also fun. I do like to rock a bit from time to time you know. Really!

In related Blonde folk news, I picked up the new Mari Wilson collection- primo stuff for those who miss the early 1980s '50s revival (Stray Cats, Roman Holiday etc.).

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