Friday, October 26, 2007

Smash Hits Hits Amazon

I am loving amazon's MP3 service. First up they have the "Pushing the Future" collection for just $2.99. I have no copies of this Cd left, so it's a bargain I guess. Lots of fun stuff on there, although most people liked it for the Heaven 17 dub.
Get Pushing the Future Vol. 2" on amazon

Today I find that amazon has popped up the new remix set I cobbled together last Spring - "Smash Hits." It has totally new stuff from Spray (a new I Am Gothic Mix) and a new Spray mix of Heaven 17's "Hands up to Heaven" (a new single edit). Plus new remixes from Space March, Though Criminals and the US release of DJ Daz's "Woah Song." fun stuff.
Get Smash Hits on Amazon

So here is where I get on my soapbox - I love itunes, but amazon is beating them on price and speed now. itunes takes a while toget things up, Amazon is much faster. And Amazon so far has been able to beat itunes on price. the only thing left is selection. iTunes has more stuff, but I think as time goes on Amazon will get those holdout labels on board...

Smash HitsElectroluvs
"Blonde" (mp3)
from "Smash Hits"
(Ninthwave Media)

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