Friday, October 5, 2007

Random thoughts

Raidohead- God bless em but I think ,based on reports I hear, they f 'd it up by somehow not expecting that thousands of fans would actually want to buy the damn thing. Labels are a pain int he ass, but they do serve a purpose. Keep trying boys...

Amazon download store- love it. Good prices, has a ton of stuff, so why do I still reflexively go to itunes to buy singles?

Heard the new duran single, don't tell anna but I damn near fell asleep. Hope this wasn't one Timberland/lake touched...

I love LPs. 45s and CDs. I am organizing my collection after a cross country move and realize there is a lot of joy in looking at and handling these things. I feel connected to the artist ("I'm your number one fan!")

Big Album Sales- so part of what the industry has been doing to itself is saving all this crap for the 4th quarter? Why is the Annie Lennox being dropped this week with barely a word? Wouldn't she get better press in say March? But no, gotta try to hit folks as they venture into the record stores for their once a year trip in November. And why don't they go any other time? They have learned that popular artists only put things out in October and November.
It's called a self fulfilling prophecy people. The industry has programmed people to wait until one time a year where they march I, buy the one album they care about, and leave. No more browsing, no more weekly (or monthly for normal folks) trips to the store to see what is out. They know nothing is out until October!

50 Cent Vs Kanye West- Hmmm, I guess hyped good music, even in a genre I left for dead a long time ago, still out sells just hype.

The dollar versus the pound: What are you trying to do to me? The UK still releases some great CDs (finally a Mari Wilson collection! Early Dead or Alive with bonus mixes!) but they have become out of sight expensive. 4.99 sterling used to be a bargain, but hey, that plus postage means it’s $15 for a midline reissue.

Up Here For Thinking, Down There For DancingMacondo
"What If He Doesn't Show?" (mp3)
from "Up Here For Thinking, Down There For Dancing"
(Ninthwave Media)

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