Monday, October 22, 2007

The Matinee Club present the Modern LP

So it is then, RIP Modern, all hail the new Modern!

anybody get "Disco 4" - The Pet Shop Boys increasingly sloppy remix series? When I heard it would feature a bunch of remixes the bos had done for others I was kinda bummed. I mean, why not start a new series for that? I know Disc 2 and 3 were lame but maybe with some focus the Boys could whip #4 into shape. So I was practically shouting for joy when I popped in the CD and heard, back to back to back, remixes for The Killers, Bowie and the PSB's own "Intergral." It sounded like the Boys of old, odd but compelling songs, dramatic remixes, solid songs. All the things missing from the Boys own last two studio albums.

Then comes Yoko. Oh cruel woman, the BEatles weren;t enough? You had to go destroy a PSB album too? I just. don't. get. it.

The Madonna remix is fine, she's done much better and lord knows the Boys have done better (you can hear better on this album!). The Rammstein and the other band (who knows?) were pretty bad. I think the songs were bad to begin with, sorry.

So, after a good start the album falls apart. I popped Nightlife in the other day and that sounds almost classic right now compared to what had dribbled out of the PSB camp since the turn of the century. Sorry, but take some time off guys...

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