Thursday, November 8, 2007

nothing from nothing

Wow, ok, dying a slow death indeed. For the first time since I started Ninthwave back in 2000 we had a month where we shipped out NO CDS. Now, this is alarming, but not the end of the world. Our normal sales channels like Cdbaby, Amazon and ADD were well stocked up when we moved in August. Only now are they starting to get low. Amazon ordered a dozen H17’s yesterday.
And we had ORDERS in October, but for CDs I have run out of (so I guess that’s good in a small way).
And I won’t know digital album sales until Jan, so that might pick up too. Crazy monkey time I tell ya.

Status update-
The Modern – the album will have more than 7 tracks, less than 3200. It is being mastered and fussed over now, the art is ready.
Melody & Mezzo- have a new single up on their myspace, I might get wav files soon J!
Other stuff is lurching forward, need more time….

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