Wednesday, November 28, 2007

update: the Matinee Club, Spray, etc.

Back to work after thanksgiving. This time of year always piles up.

Had a scare with the Matinee Club album over the weekend, but things are settled now. I shipped the album to press and to IODA digital today. It should go digital Dec 17, we’ll see. The Cd will be on amazon by Jan 22, already for pre order now, so that’s cool. click here for the CD on Amazon

I am putting up some Christmas track son the website ( so hurry on over.

I got the Spray CDs in yesterday, they look nice. Amazon and ADD will carry this limited (100 copies) Christmas single.

I should get in the Smash Hits CD (with new cover art) soon.

Now off to prep the Spray CD (for Children of a Laser God)

Oh- and ESH's Best Of is up on itunes- see the free track below

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