Monday, November 19, 2007

Smash Hits up on itunes

Only took an extra month...jeesh

A word about the cover - I wanted two things - Animie and sexy, not sure I got either one (it seems liek you should be able to get both at the same time, if half of the internet is to be trusted). I dunno, I kinda like it in a way...

Still. I am pressing up 100 copies of the CD, with the "original cover" [below] and also I am pressing 100 copies of the new Spray single - He Came with the Sleigh" (I dunno- some sort of Halloween cash-in evidently).

Have to see how they turn out, it is amazing to say that even pressing up 500 copies for most releases is about 300 too many.

Off to look at the art for the Spray Cd, which I will press 1000 of....

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