Friday, November 9, 2007

Smash Hits up and streaming baby
Hi folksYou can stream the entire Smash Hits album at right can also download two tracks from it for free!
The whole thing is no at in the MP3 section and also on emusic and other fine online stores
info for Smash Hits
1. DJ Daz “The Woah Song” (single edit)2. Space March meets VoodooRu “Explode” (She’s On Acid Mix )3. Electroluvs “Blonde” (Dolby Anol Mix)4. Sonic Hub featuring Martin Fry “New Man” (Deeks Digital Dub)5. Spray “I Am Gothic” ('I Am Gothic III - The Harrowing')6. The Garland Cult “All Good Things” (People Theatre Long Mix)7. Heaven 17 “Hands up to Heaven” (Spray Single Mix)8. The Thought Criminals featuring Rachel Carter “I Want To Be A Celebrity”9. Melody & Mezzo “Nightsahde” (Diskowarp Mix)10. Figaro “Hand on the Gun” (Steve Bronski Long Mix)

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