Friday, November 30, 2007

So many releases so little time (and money)

OK, so Today was mostly about the Matinee club. I ordered 100 promo Cds made up. They will be simple thing, black type on the CD face (instead of the full color art for the retail release) and a 2 sided (full color!) insert for the front (no back tray card, it will be housed in a slimeline CD case.) The cover will be slightly different. I mean to just copy over the art from the release but since the release was saved at 600 dpi and my cover for the promo was 300, only about a 4th of the front appeared. I actually liked it in a way, so I stuck wit that since it was a promo. The back is the same as the back to the CD booklet, except that I added “advanced copy” in obnoxious white type across it. [So-just to be supper clear- the art below is for the promo, not the album!]

I also got a call from the pressing plant today and they have the Matinee Club master and are working on the art. Wow that was fast. Nice being back east, only took a day to get to Penn. I hope to have these back by just after Christmas.

I also sent digital copies to IODA for the online vendors. Those should go up sooner than Jan 22.

The promos are to get the ball rolling on , um, promotion. I hired Reybee and they are very excited. I think that the band, but of course also Emma, have good potential to get some serious ink here- I am aiming for Blender, Vogue, Vanity Fair, etc. Why not huh?

Turns out Emma, the lead singer, has been in a bunch of TV shows in the UK and even some legit film (remember when that meant something, now most folks would rather be TV stars anyway).

I also prepped the new Alan Replica today, have to work on the art next week.And I got in the Emotiquon master, it sounds great- have to get art for that too. Oh, and Aidan sent me the new Figario album- I am not sure how he does this but it is better than the Garland Cult album even. Need art for that too (I sense a pattern).

Speaking of art- remember Qubiq’s Remix Cd and the awful art I did for the digital release? I found a great photo for the web banner on So I decided to press up some CDs of the release but the pic I used for the banner was just to low res (too small). So I tooled around Flickr and found a new photo and did a mock up (below) of a new cover. I emailed the guy who took the photo to ask about use, I hope to hear back soon. And I hope I don’t have to fork over huge cash for it. The picture is very cool.

Oh, and the damn Spray album, jeesh. I have to say no sometimes, but never to Spray!

Qubiq - the mock up showing just the front cover

The Mock up showing the booklet opened up on the outside.


ClickThis! said...

i cant wait to get my hands on the Matinee club disc!!!!! its been such a long time coming. are these the tracks they worked on with stephen hague?

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do i get a copy?

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